Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Missionary Travel & Using a Travel Agent...

Each day, we receive e-mails and phone calls from clients who are requesting us to build personal itineraries for them, their mission teams or their families. The greatest majority of these people are people we have worked with for years and who rely on us for all of their mission travel needs. They look to us for guidance and assistance with their travel needs because they know that our mission is to care for them as they serve in their mission!

Recently, I listened to a story unfold of a missionary family who had traveled from Europe to the US on furlough for the summer. They had tickets and were at the airport when a hurricane hit the eastern shores of the US. Their flights were cancelled, airports were backed up for days and it took them 10 days to return to Europe. They struggled for days with hotel arrangements, flight changes, cancellations and buying new tickets. If only they had a travel agent who could have handled the changes for them!

Today, I received a call from a individual who was rather upset because her husband had purchased a ticket online rather than through us. We had quoted a price, but it was higher due to a one day only sale online. The lady bought the ticket online. Today, she called because the airline had emailed them a change of schedule and now the flight is rescheduled and interferes with another connection. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do with tickets bought online.

When you travel, consider using World Missions Travel because:
  • Furlough should be a time to rest - let us do the work! Our personal and knowledgeable Travel Consultants can meet all of your travel needs. Together, we have over 30 years in the travel industry and each of us have been (or still are) missionaries! We understand your needs.
  • We offer discounted Missionary Fares on most major airlines (Air France, Austrian, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Lufthansa, United, Swiss and many others!)