Sunday, July 31, 2011

Comparing Baggage Policies...

Let's face it, the airlines are getting skimpy and if they could put us on their aircraft and do it without luggage, they would be happy. It would definately cut their costs! Less weight, no baggage handlers needed, etc. However, that is not realistic.

Instead, airlines are charging passengers for each bag. Here is what you can expect...
  • European airlines will typically allow 1 checked bag per passenger.
  • American airlines will typically charge you for each bag. So, check with each airline to find out their specific rules.
Now, if you are a missionary like need every extra ounce of luggage space you can find. Whether it is new Bible study material, clothes for the next year, or that brown sugar your wife uses in so many need extra bags! There is good news!

If you are flying (for mission work/ministry) to a location served by British Airways, you can get up to 3 FREE checked bags from their USA gateway cities (DFW, LAX, ORD, BOS to name a few). Yes, you read that correctly. If you are flying on a British Airways "Missionary Contract" and have proof that you are in ministry, you are entitled to 3 FREE CHECKED BAGS!

To learn more about this special offer, contact Rosann ( or Andrew ( today!